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Separation and Divorce can be stressful, costly and time consuming.

We aim to provide you with choices that help you to keep control of decision making while maintaining a settlement focus.

We encourage you to look at the options available and and talk to me about what you think you need and then see how we can tailor solutions that best suit your situation. By listening to your story, and bringing in the experts you need, we will help you reduce the stress of resolving your family issues, and help you to get back to living your best life.

Together we will work out tailored solutions to resolve your family problems.

Ask about how our services can help you to choose a pathway that works for you and helps you to move forward after separation & divorce. We will listen to family problems respectfully, and encourage you to focus on solutions to your issues – no matter how big or small.

AC FAM Solutions gives you choices!

Stay in control of your decisions.

Choose options that are affordable, time effective and less stressful.

Ask about which options would be best for you.

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Ask About!

Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution is an important step to take in resolving your issues in dispute and out of court.

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) sets out these processes as ‘genuine steps’ for parties to take before commencing proceedings. (go to http://www.fcfcoa.gov.au )

Ask about our experienced, accredited, independent and impartial family dispute resolution practitioner.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve your disputes with or without the assistance of your lawyers..

Book an appointment for an intake session online or on 0412129757!

Intake session: $300 (60-90 minutes)

Conference: $3025 (Full Day)

Tailored resolutions

You can ask for the help of a specialist family lawyer who will guide you through the steps that need to be taken before and during court proceedings.

We will assist you with respectful communication, negotiations & mediation of children and property arrangements with an out of court focus.

If you are already in court or needing advice about court we can help you to navigate court proceedings for separation, divorce, children, property, & family violence matters.

We will help you choose pathways that are safe, respectful and cost effective.

Where we can bundle work we will offer fixed fee packages to work efficiently and cost effectively. Applications for legal will be considered where appropriate.

Collaborative Divorce Coach

Looking for a dispute resolution process that is inclusive and works on both of your interests and long term outcomes as a separated or divorcing family? How do you see your life 5 years from now? Your short & long term goals are important. Let’s work toward them.

Ask about an initial meeting with both of you. The first 30 minutes is free.

You can invite independent and neutral experts to advise on property and children’s matters. This helps in your decision making and informed choices when working out your future as parents living in two homes.

Respectful and dignified communications are a central feature of this process. We commit to and support mutual agreement about how to resolve issues, divide property and make parenting arrangements during your separation and divorce….. and yes building a working relationship that is amicable. Everyone benefits!

As a Collaborative Coach I am independent and impartial. We facilitate conferences and stages for all parties to progress the matter collaboratively.

All meetings throughout this process are fixed price.

Avril Cowarn
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
Family Lawyer

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Avril helped us get through some rough patches during mediation. With her support, encouragement and committment to get to a mutual solution we can now move forward as friends. A huge thanks to Avril !!” Anon

Avril is a caring and compassionate lawyer that has a heart for her clients. She is thorough and supportive in all she does.” Kym Briese, Briese Lawyers